Tuesday, February 26, 2013


What an exciting 2 days we've had, I started a STUDY....We found her at an herbalife store , I went with Madison and Hannah it was very motivating for them, i started off asking her a question, then showed her the truth tract and asked her what question interests her..So from there we went into the article, I asked if I can read her a scripture and she says " hang on let me get my bible", people here are very spiritual it's not unusual for someone to have a bible at the work place or carry one around with them..I guess that's why the friends are so teeming with studies.....I told her about JW.ORG she wanted me to bring it up on her phone , she beamed with excitement ..Then I offered a study with the Bible Teach Book and showed her the chapter that was inaccord with what we studied in the tract, she said yes, I told her i was leaving to go back home but someone else can come to study with her, She was sad and asked if I would visit D.R. again.But then I said I'm not leaving till 1:00 tomorrow maybe I can come back with a friend in the morning, she was smiling from ear to ear...I told Maria Duran and she got really excited as well..

We left this morning at 8 and headed to the herbalife store...The study went well, very lively , a young pretty girl hungry for the truth..We did find out she is already studying with a sister from the Spanish congregation , so Maria asked her "what are you more comfortable studying in English or Spanish " she said "english ", so Maria is going to contact the sister, Ruth ( study) also disclosed to us she witnessed in college to her professor and when he asked her where she got her information she said "the bible "and told us her professor has changed his view on his thought after that..Impressive.. .

Our Last night here we had a scrumptious dinner over the friends house, they are a new family in the hall , they came from Spanish and fit right in with their 3 boys 14,15,16...Frequently in the ministry adding to the unity in the congregation....She made an amazing dinner , the friends were beyond generous with their hospitality , another sister asked us for dinner last night as well , she is coming to see us off soon..we will definitely miss all our Spiritual Brothers and Sisters....

We are getting all our things together these last few hours...So bittersweet , we made new friends that became as close as family , and continue to cherish the ones we've known ....We have seen Jehovah's hand stretched out so far in this country it's INSPIRING...We will treasure this trip forever and continue to make Jehovah's heart rejoice ...

A Thank You to all our Dear Friends and Family who followed us along on our journey , hope you found it Encouraging and Comforting ....We look forward to serving with all of you shoulder to shoulder right into the "NEW WORLD ORDER"


Monday, February 25, 2013


So our study with Vicki and Joel went well on Sunday afternoon, they are very sad we are leaving and we are SAD as well...They have a special place in our hearts...They totally remind Jeff and I of ourselves 22 years ago when we first started studying, she's always asking ?s like me and he's moving full speed ahead like Jeff LOL..we said next time we come they are going to be preaching and baptized ...We certainly hope so...❤ ....

Today was a wash day and gathering some of our things together...😥 Tonight our wonderful sister Marty had a going home party for a few of the needgreaters most all are leaving this week about 30 of us...some already left ....we had a Blast , we all went around the room to express our most precious moment here this year, it was Very Encouraging !!!!

Tuesday is our last full day here in Dominican Republic, we are headed out in service in the morning then back to pack and straighten up...At night we are invited for dinner at a friends house with the Durans .,.Looking forward to That , the friends here have been wonderful and hospitable .....There is no where in the world we can have such Great friends as we do in Jehovah's Organization !!!!!,

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Felix and Jasmine came over about 8:00 tonight we also had Pamela and Eli and Kimmie...Thought Pam would be perfect match for Jasmine and I was right ...We all had a BLAST ,Jasmine said she was so glad she met me and was Sad I'm leaving , but was happy Pam lived here..So we did our job which was to befriend her...We talked about spiritual things for awhile and we are all convinced if Felix sticks to his studies and is consistent she will follow ...We exchanged email addresses she wants to stay In touch....It was a productive night ...

Now as for tomorrow similar situation , this young couple Vicki and Joel study with the Durans ( family across the hall) we went on their study last week and they love talking with us..So when
I approached her Thursday night and told her we are leaving wednesday she said she wanted to get together with us before we leave...So they said how about Sunday since they are already at the Kingdom Hall , so I rearranged my plans and invited them for lunch right after the meeting till 2:00 then I have to go to a gathering ..We then get a call from the Durans asking us to conduct Vicki and Joel's study tonight, but we had to say no because of the other study( Felix & Jasmine ) so we said how about during our lunch date on Sunday , they agreed..We are very Excited to conduct their study and spend more time with them...This really makes us want to stay longer this trip is soo bittersweet for us...😪😃

So Alexis got home safe , a memory she said she'll never forget...She left us a beautiful vase of flowers ...in the afternoon an influxes of friends stopped by , it was GREAT, we really ENJOY entertaining and being invited out, the friends here have been more then generous!!! Wish I had pics from tonight I was suppose to get some but got so caught up in conversation and laughs we forgot...Hopefully tomorrow......Encouraging And Inspiring Moments!!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Today was a short day in service we did street witnessing and commercial territory ..We decided to walk since we had a big group mostly kids, well bad idea, it was an hour walk ...We arrive at the supermarkets and a sister says ( Jeffrey was leading the group but of coarse doesn't know the area or rules lol) to do the supermarket inside, YEP unlike us just doing parking lots we can go in and preach to the people , and we had success ...I met a man, think he was the manager was able to go over a point in the tract, read a scripture and got his info and said we can come back to see him, so I gave all the info to another sister who will pass it on to a brother..One of the other sisters got to speak with a "western union " women and she took down her info to call at her at home ....So pretty much all of us (Jeff ,jess,alexis and myself) have had great success with getting peoples info and planting a "Seed" and the friends are diligent in calling back , that's why so many studies are conducted.One brother, Eric across the hall has 11/12 studies and he says its a lot to keep up with and door/door and his own responsibilities (he is an Elder ) the growth is not stopping as we have see in the yearbook...VERY EXCITING times we are living in....Well like I said we are winding down , today is now Saturday started this blog Friday...Jeffrey is taking the group out w/ Madison, jessica and I stayed in because at about 11 Jeff and Jessica are taking Alexis to the airport ...And we have a potential bible study coming here for lunch ...Let me start from the beginning : This young guy Felix, we met him 2/3 years ago at the hall great study, came to meetings, knows its the truth, wants to make changes, he studied with Bill Sappo as well as other brothers but never really made the changes he wanted too. He had a baby 2 yrs ago with his so- called wife jasmine ( they never marry here just say their husband and wife ) ...Well he is not studying now hasn't been to meetings in months and said " I pushed myself to go today " ( Thursday night) He said when he heard us comment he couldn't of been happier to see us, so one of the brothers came up to me after the meeting and was like go talk with Felix try to encourage him..Jeffrey and Felix were excited to see each other, he really can relate with us since he knows our life story, we wind up talking with him for awhile and he seemed like he really wanted to get his act together ( Hopefully that's true) ...When I was speaking to him , we both said at the same Time " I have an idea" he says you go first Lol ...I said why don't you study with Jeff via Skype, he was like that sounds great ...But then when Jeffrey came over and we told him he said that he needs to study with someone here, but that they can still Skype and talk about spiritual things ....Then he goes on to say well my idea is that I want to get together with you guys before you leave with my wife ( ...who hasn't studied but came to one meeting) I'm assuming she's a tough cookie , friends say they offered her a study but she said no...Well he wants her to meet us ...So I invited them today for lunch and I also invite the bethelites (Pam&Eli) i told you about them, we became close with them since International construction ..I think they would be a great couple to study with them, as a family, they are all around the same age ...So we will see how today goes trying to win Jasmine over...

Last night we all had fun , all the girls and the Duran kids and Jeffrey got picked up by one of the families here to go to their country club ...They had a Blast swimming and playing sports...I however had plans with the younger ones (20s) we went into the city to shop for souvenirs and had dinner in this little funky lounge place , my meal and drink cost me $4 and that was an upscale place hehe , your $ sure does go far...Alexis n Jess headed out to dinner after the CC with the other needgreater friends from the states , they made all new spiritual friends they can have for life...We actually have two of them coming to stay this summer...Bye now Ttus

Thursday, February 21, 2013


We had a productive day preaching ,we headed to another part of the city very busy area,today was street witnessing ...I worked with kimmie a young girl 27 who serves here 6 mths and lives 6 mths in New Jersey, she met a man in a school who seem to be the one in charge and he spoke English , so she went over the Truth Tract n asked to come back and he said yes and as we were leaving we realized an office worker spoke English so I spoke to her and went over tract and read some scriptures I got her info so kimmie will come back to her as well...We also met a man in the park who came up to us and spoke Spanish but when we spoke English he spoke back and winds up being from manhattan , so I went over the tract with him and gave him the info and invite to the hall ...It seems like that's the thing here you invite people to the meeting before you study with them and they show up...Last month in this congregation ( Santiago English) they conducted almost 100 studies so the growth is TREMENDOUS !!!And the other day we did door to door and street work and one of the brothers found a college student walking by and left her with the truth tract ...One of the sisters (Pam) wanted to get her info so she said lets come back here next week same day n time to find her , well that nite we go out to eat and Pam looks at me to look at the table across from us and it was the same girl ...So she suggested kimmie ( who was in service w/ us ) to go over to her and try to get her info , WOW...I probably would of never done that, considering the girl was with 8 of her friends...Well she does it and not only did she get her info, she also got to talk with one of her friends who wanted to go to the meeting ...This is the type of stuff that happens here ..SO Encouraging and Exciting !!!The day ended bittersweet we lost electric and water for 5.5 hrs Yep so couldn't shower b4 meeting, couldn't cook dinner, so we ate chips n salsa lol..half hr b4 meeting we got power back....Good news is Jeffrey was asked to give the # 3 talk and just finished most of it b4 we lost the Internet...He was thrilled to be part of the arrangement tonite he did a GREAT job!! Then after the meeting a group of us headed to the Empanada truck and ice cream we were ALLL hungry, got home @11:30 ..AS I AM WRITING THIS 12:11am the power goes out again , guess I'm not showering waited for Jeff to finish but waited to long ...Showers are overrated LOL, there's always tomorrow haha....Ps sorry not many pics didnt have any camera and u don't want to take the IPads in the areas we are preaching to risky..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So Monday, which is almost everyone's day off we headed to the beach ( a 2 hr drive) with the Durans they are a GREAT Family before they had kids they went to Brooklyn Bethel for a few years then served in Guyana for several months, their stories are Amazing!!!We had an awesome time got SUPER tan....Lol .....The water was gorgeous soo BLUE .....Pictures look cloudy but we had clear sunny skies....Bye Now :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today was the meeting and Jeffrey closed with a Pray ....We relaxed for the afternoon, did laundry and Jessica and Alexis went out in service and were going to the Chinese meeting but decided not to they've been doing long days got some tired feet lol...Madison went to an orphanage with some of the sisters and Hanna her friend ....We are all home tonite except for Jeff the guys asked him to hang out we had a girls nite already so he def needs some guy time....